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Featuring members from the 2nd and 3rd 
generation of punk bands in Toronto, the 
CLASS ASSASSINS are made up of members 
CHRONIC SUBMISSION. With two eps out 
and an LP in the works, they took time out to 
play at CIUT on December 2nd and here is 
part of our discussion afterwards. 
You guys are lots of ex-members people. 
Can you tell me about which bands your 
first started playing in and bring me up to 
date with how you joined the CLASS 

Chad: I started off in a band, when I was 12 
or 13, called CHRONIC SUBMISSION. I 
went onto a few other bands after that and 
then VACANT LOT and then BITTER 
GRIN - which is in hiatus. 
Gary: I am Gary and I played in PROBLEM 
CHILDREN for about 7 years and then Dan 
took over my spot on drums. 
Dave: (Laughing) Dan's a bastard. I started 
out in a band from St. Catharines called the 
UNKNOWNS in the 70's and Dan took my 
girlfriend, (more laughter) So then I moved 
onto a band called DIRECT ACTION and 
from there I went to a band called HYPE and 
then I played in a band called SON OF 
BRONTO, and then I played in a band called 
the LOOGANS and then I got stuck with 
these losers. 

Dan: I used to play in a bunch of bands. The 
same kind of things as these guys. 
Chris: Both Dan and I were in HOCKEY 
TEETH, as well. 

How did the CLASS ASSASSINS start ? 
Dan: I've always wanted to play with these 
guys. Essentially I got all my favourite 
people together that I liked as musicians. 
They seemed to be from the same kind of 
wavelength. It's one of those things. 
So Dan putted it together ? 
Dave: Basically. 

How long have you been together ? 
Chad: Just under two years. 
Can you describe your sound? In BYOFL 
- the listing - that is where I first read 
about you - you are described as 'old 
school with soccer style crowd chants'. 
Although that captures some of what your 
sound is, how would you update this 
description ? 

Chris: I think the idea is that it reverts back 
to the SEX PISTOLS era when it was more 
rock 'n roll - given a punk name and that's 
what it is. We are not trying to play as fast as 
we can. We're not trying to get everyone up 

slamming their heads off in front of us. It's 

more of a rock and punk influence together 

and a lot of the old school references comes 

from the SEX PISTOLS where they were a 

lot more rock. 

And there are great sing-a-longs, too. 

Chris: Absolutely, and the chants follow in 

right after that. 

It reminds me of the CLASH or STIFF 

LITTLE FINGERS with the back up 


Dave: We talked about that when we first 

started. Bands like STIFF LITTLE 

FINGERS or that era and that's how we were 

hoping to try and write songs. We are 

probably close to that. 

Chris: You look through the history of the 

members and everybody in this band can 

play fast but we wanted to play melodic. 

I want to ask you about influences. Who 

do you credit as influences ? What are 

you listening to that sounds like what you 


Chris: You know that as I was learning how 

to play when I was younger Brian Baker was 

a big influence for me. 


Chris: DAG NASTY years moreso. Loved 

his strumming. He was really cool. 

Dan: I think we are all kind of in an 80's kind 

of punk rock thing where we all have 

different tastes... 

And I am sure that you guys are coming at 

it from different perspectives because 

although you have played in different 

bands together you grew up in hardcore at 

different times. There is different 

generations of punk rock represented in 

this group 

Dan: ...but there are a lot of similarities 

Chad: Like we all grew up in the 80's - late 

70's early 80's - hardcore, punk, oi, reggae, 

ska - ali that kind of stuff. 

Dave: Metal 

Chad: Metal ? That's for Chris. That's where 

you get those 90210 riffs (laughter). 

I wanted to ask you about the demo that 

became the ep. I heard that it was a 6 song 

demo, what happened to the other 3 songs 

? Are they going to be released on 

anything else ? 

Dave: I think they are going to be on the full 

length that is coming out in February or 

March. Soon to be released. 

Can you tetl me about how theSoap ' n 

Spikes ep came out ? How did Derek find 

out about you ? 

Chad: Derek saw us at our third or fourth 

show and he really really liked us and he 

approached one of us and said "Listen, I 

really like you guys and I want to do your 

first single before anybody else does it." I 

think at that time we already had our ep 

recorded and basically the demo we did was 

a 6 song promotional thing that only labels 

and fanzines got so we basically took three 

songs off the demo and gave it to him and he 

released it and... 

Chris: ...and he broke our virginity. 

More recently, you released an ep 

entitled "No justice No Peace" on 

Insurgence Records. How did that come 

about ? How did he find out about you ? 

Did you know him before hand ? 

Chad: I kind of knew him beforehand. 

Dan: I helped him move a long time ago. 

Chad: I actually don't remember how we 

came to do this. 

Dave: Steve come on in here and answer this 


Steve Jones (from Insurgence Records): We 

were in the area. We met up and it just 

happened. As much as everything else does. 

Dave: He bribed us with beer. 

Is this a different recording from the 

demo ? 

Dan: Yeah, this is a different recording than 

the demo. 

I understand that you are working on 

new material - you were talking about a 

March release. What is that going to be 

for ? Who is going to put it out ? What is 

it going to be catted ? 

Chad: We are not quite sure of the name. 

There is only one person holding out on it 

and that's Mr. "90210", but we were 

thinking about calling it "902 10". (laughter) 

It's going to be out in Canada, South 

America, and Britain on Insurgence Records 

and in the States, Australia, and Japan on 

TKO Records and basically the rest of 

Europe on Mad Butcher Records. 

And you have been recording this over 

the last month ? 

Chad: It is already finished, we just have to 

master it. 

How does it sound ? 

Dave: Awesome 

How many songs are going to be on it ? 

Chad: Eleven or twelve. We did thirteen, but 

there's one or two that we're not happy 

with, but that's all 90210's fault. 

You get all the blame. 

Chris: I take it because I write all the songs. 


Is it going to be a CD or will there be a 

vinyl issue ? 

Dan: It's on CD. There is going to be some 

limited vinyl out. 

Chad: TKO is 

putting out 200 vinyl 

and there is going to 

be an extra track on 

the Canadian version 

which will be out on 

Insurgence. And I 

don't know what the 

Germans are up to 

because you never know what the Germans 

are up to, but that's just the Germans. 

Dave: Everything is going to have a different 

cover so... can collect them all. 

Chris: I think the Europe release has just a 

picture of Dave naked on the front. 

Chad: That would be the Germans, too. 

(laughter) Yeah the Germans would like that. 

Dave: It wouldn't be the first time. 

Chris: It's called "Das Stumpy", (lots of 


Can you tell us about your songs. What 

are some of the things you sing about or 

take on with your lyrics ? 

Chad: Some of the songs are about the scene. 

Some of the songs are very political. I've 

been in bands for a long time that I have 

never really had a chance to be political and 

this is the first band that I have been with 

that I have had a chance because the music is 

heavy enough but still melodic enough the 

way I like it. Singing about social issues, 

about the state of the world, about how 

pissed off I am from my perspective, 

although I think I sing for most people in the 

band with the exception of Dave because he's 

the old bastard in the band. The song "No 

Justice, No Peace" is a song about how the 

class system is being broken down, which is 

not necessarily a bad thing, but it's the way 

that it is being done that is widening the gap 

between the rich and the poor and I see more 

poor and homeless people on the streets 

every day and it's got to do with things like 

rent increases, gas prices, the cost of food 

inflation - anything along those lines. It's 

becoming a sad state of affairs. It needs to be 


What is your favourite song from a lyrical 

standpoint and why ? 

Gary: Mine is "Class Assassins" because I 

think it is very witty the way Chad wrote it. 

Dave: "For the Kids" would be my favourite 

because it goes back to being young and not 

really being too sure of yourself and what the 

hell can happen to you if you don't stand up 

for what you believe or what you think. 
Dan: "Hard Times" which is a song about the 
same sort of thing that Chad was talking 
about. I like playing songs like that because 
the more you can make people think about 
shit like that the more it will create change. 
Chris: "Behind your screen" because it is the 
only song that really flows with a complete 
story from beginning to end. He introduces 
the story and completely closes it off and 
shows anger within the song where it should 
be angry. But the other 
one I might have is 
"Urban Rebel" 
because I remember 
when we were writing 
the song, Dan came 
out with the music and 
we polished it and 
Chad and I hooked up 
and Pete came over 
and we had some beers going and we had a 
good timejust mulling lyrics over and this is 
what we got. So it brings us back to the initial 
days. It's a fond memory. 
What do you hope to accomplish asa band? 
Chad: The new full length is recorded. It's 
done, it's recorded and hopefully we can start 
doing a few shows in Canada and then get 
down to the States where our label in the 
States can support us and hook us up with 
some bigger name acts. Then hopefully get 
over to Europe in September or October and 
just get our name out there. That's why we 
did the two singles, which was to get our 
name out there and we have been on a few 
comps. We wanted to get our name out there 
before we released a full length so that some 
people know about us by the time it comes 

How can people get in touch with the 
Chris: Right now the e-mail address is and our website 
is in the works right now and we'll have our 
own domain at 
Chad: The mailing address is 989 Queen 
Street East, Apt. #3 / Toronto, ON / M4M 
1K2, Sorry girls, no phone numbers. 




extension of the weekly radio show heard on 
ClUT 89.5 FM every Sunday nights from 
1 0:00pm 'til midnight (Hosts: Martin Farkas, 
Noah Gadke, Simon Harvey and 
Stephe Perry). 

The show dedicates itself to the 
underground hardcore punk scene. There is a 
particular emphasis on international releases in 
the developing thrash, power violence, straight 
edge, grind burning spirits, and Killed By Death 
scenes, which means we play material like No 
Justice, Wilbur Cobb, Seein' Red, Sounds like 
Shit, DSB or Youth Youth Youth. 

There is a weekly demo feature (paying 
homage to the cassette format), weekly event 
listings, and a monthly top 10 retrospective look 
at releases. 

Eq ua I izing-X- Distort 

ClUT 89.5 FM 

Sundays 10:00 pm - midnight 

91 St. George Street, 

Toronto, ON 



Request Line: (416) 946-7000 




ClUT 89.5 FM - "Equalizing Distort" 


Top 10 Hardcore Releases 


for November 2001 





1. Toial Fury 

13 Songs 



2. Jettyroll Rockheads 

Kill Trend Thrash 


Youth Attack 

3. Deride 

Limited Will 



4. Splitting Teeth 

Legacy of Crucialiry 


1-2-3-4 Go! 

5. Assirtine Solution 

Cause Effect 



6. Bom Dead Icons 

Modem Plague 



7. Bruce Banner / Sayyadina 

The Inevitable Truth 


Sounds of Betrayal 

8. Siren 

The Struggle Goes On 



9. Various Artists 

Wild in the Streets 



10. Contrasto 

Statico Senso 



Equalizing Distort can be heard every Sunday night on ClUT 89.5 FM at 10:00 pm. The top 10 

countdown can be heard 

in its entirety, complete with previews of the 


and analysis on the 

previous month in hardcore, on the last Sunday of the month. 


Asinine Solution "Cause Effect" EP 

Asinine Solution alternate between fast hardcore 

and metal somehow pulling off a sound unlike a 

crossover band. I suppose if the HlOQs had borrowed 

a few Slayer riffs they would have sounded 

somewhat similar to Asinine Solution. This records 

maintains breakneck speed while maintaining a 

definite flow. This doesn't let up for a second! 

(Asinine Records / 3095 N.50" 1 Ave. / Chippewa Falls, WI / 54729) 

Born Dead Icons "Salvation on the Knees" LP 

Dissonant ringing out rock-core that this Montreal 

group have become known for. At times BDI sound 

like a stripped down version of MOTORHEAD (it 

is crazy how much the singer sounds like Lemmy) 

and at other times sound like a version of HIS 

HERO IS GONE with their ability to ride emo 

guitar structures. Their lyrics rival the anarchist 

slogans of DISCHARGE, but approach subjects that 

develop this canon of thought. A thought provoking release that creeps up 

on you until the "rock" is in your bones, with a crusty Portland frame of 

mind... .dished up by former members of DRIFT. 

(Partners in Crime / 4507 N. Gantenbein / Portland, OR / 97217 / USA) 

Crusade demo 

CRUSADE have fastcore influences with some of 
the drum rolls and also incorporate lots of group 
choruses, which is typical for traditional Japanese 
hardcore. The recording sounds a bit like East bay 
punks doing fastcore - a bit mediocre for the genre 
with an emphasis on fuzzier recordings. The 
recording is lo fi, basement style but the back up 
vocals make it sound like a studio recording. At 
times it sounds like the MISFITS at other times it 
sounds like a third rate RAZOR'S EDGE knock 

(Kazuki / 090-1547-046S Haneken / Opo-8340- 
8558 / Japan) 

Deride "Limited Will" ep 

The Japanese continue to perfect everything and 

hardcore is no exception. Flawless in execution, 

energetic and driving, manic and intense. The song 

structures are all over the place, the production 

sounds good, the choruses are unexpected and have 

you paying attention. This is an adrenalin rush 

that combines slight elements of rock borrowed 

from the garage scene and weaves them into the go-driven nature of fastcore. 

Tight edits between songs give this record crazy momentum. 

(Kangaroo Records / Middenweg 13 / 1098aa, Amsterdam / Holland / e- 

Endstand "Fire Inside" 10" 

ENDSTAND sound like HACKSAW with more 

Youth crew and emo influences. ENDSTAND play 

a controlled anger version of punk at a rock tempo 

with early GRADE like guitar strumming parts and 

at other times there is an incredible amount of 

melody. But the gasoline like vocals keeps this 

from sounding like fodder, 

(Combat Rock Industry / P.O. Box 139 / 00131 Helsinki / Finland) 

Framtid "Consuming Shit & Mind Pollution" demo 
FRAMTID are from Osaka City in Japan and have 
just recorded this new demo in July of this year. 
They play d-beat but with a greater emphasis on 
hardcore. The vocals are throaty and take a back 
seat to the rest of the band, There is a guitar solo 
that is mixed way too loud in one of the songs on 
side one. 

(3A, Taihou-Heights-Shikitu 2 / 2-1-28, Shikitu- 
Nishi, Naniwa-Ku / Osaka-City, 556-0015 / Japan) 

The Grizzly Adams Band "Stupid group I go!" 


This is garage with influences from the 60's rock 

scene. They sound like a slower NEW BOMB 

TURKS without any of the good parts. The guitar 

is fuzzed out and plays mid-tempo rock. The 

occasional back ups give it some energy. A few 

songs run into each other giving it the tight edit 

feel, It is recorded real loud and distorted. But the trace element of fuzzed 

out rock with some punk overtones is what this is about. 

(Chief Recordings / c/o Peter Richter / Gmne Gasse 13 / 48143 Munster / e- 


Holler than Thou? "The Hating of the Guts" LP 

HOLIER THAN THOU? are a band that 

successfully mix the urgency of the old school 

nard co re/my stic sound and cross it with a fun 

approach to skateboarding and the intensity of 

modern day thrash outfits. The 7" that HTT? 

released earlier in the year provided just a glimpse 

at the intensity of their debut LP, The Hating of 

the Guts. This band have their style of manic 

skatecore down pat, and by doing so pay homage to bands like RKL and ILL 

REPUTE. Every song on this record is a winner (including one reworked 

from the 7") and it's obvious this is one band that is worthy of putting out 

an LP - after the 7" they had people chomping at the bit for more. It could 

be said that HTT? aren't doing anything terribly original or inventive, but 

that's hardly the point behind a record like this. HTT? represent hardcore 

the way it was meant to be played. Not full of gimmicks or riding whatever 

is currently trendy, but playing fast hardcore for the sake of fast hardcore. 

(Six Weeks / 225 Lincoln Ave / Cotati, CA / 94931 / USA) 

Manifesto Jukebox "Desire" LP 

Jangly guitar sounding rock punk similar to 

HACKSAW or SWIZ. They could even be said to 

have borrowed from bands like 3 or RITES OF 


comparisons but I like this better because the singer 

doesn't sound like a Tom Waits impersonator the 

way Frankie Stubbs does. But the mindfiick is that 

they are from Finland. There lyrics are great especially for folks who's 

english is a second language. 

(Combat Rock Industry / P.O. Box 139 / 00131 Helsinki / Finland) 

Orange Juice from the Crypt "A Dinner With 

Us" ep 

This is like NEW BOMB TURKS cousin with all 

the garage and punk influences, but a little less 

gusto, They carry that ANGRY SAMOANS attitude 

and extra punk points for the dumpster dive on 

the cover, but they don't rock you as hard. They 

do a song that makes fun of little Richard and 

indirectly pays homage to the early glam punk scene. 

(Scarey Records / c/o Carlo Calemme / via Galleria, 32/1 / 10025 pino 

(to) / Italy / e-mail: 

Run for your fucking life LP 

This is a collection of their two eps on one LP. 
but this is a good way to get their CHRIST ON 
PARADE meets DON AUSTIN sound. Good mid- 
tempo punk structures, with Sound Pollution *^rM I 
production, and some BORN AGAINST angst. It ^^ 

kind of reminds me of ECONOCHRIST, when 
thrown all together. 
(Gloom Records / P.O. Box 14253 / Albany, NY / 12212 / USA) 

Severed Head of State "Black Blood World" ep 
Dirty sounding emo-crust in the spirit of ART1MUS 
PYLE done by some of the best folks of this scene. 
Raw and scrappy sounding, fast and moody, they 
draw on references as far as SABBATH and emo 
with it's grounding firmly rooted in d-beat. But it is 
nor your typical d-beat sound. This band has really 
geled and the experience of RESIST and TRAGEDY 

are there. It's speedy and moody and urgent emo-crust and it is fuckin' 


(Maiarie Records / P.O. Box 153 / 75661 Roznov P/R / Czech republic / e- 

niail: malarie@applet.ez) 

Siren "The Struggle Goes On" EP 

Fantastic youtli crew hardcore in a slightly modem 

vein. The fact that this band is three quarters female 

is a breath of fresh air in a scene dominated by 

knucklehead football piayers. Fast bursts of straight 

up hardcore interspersed with breakdowns that are 

slightly reminiscent of newer bands like GOOD 

CLEAN FUN, which is an obvious connection as 

the guitarist is borrowed from that band. Rumor has it that the songs were 

all written by the guitarist who then recruited the other members. I can only 

hope this will not be confirmed as it would make the effort very disappointing 

and entirely contrived. 

(Reflections Records / Spoorwgstraat 117 / 6828 AP Arnheim / The 


Spazm 151 "Sworn to fun, loyal to none" ep 

Blazing fast thrash-core with'88 crew sound wind 

lips and underlying garage influences. It's what you 

get when you take FINAL CONFLICT and combine 

them with DOWN IN FLAMES and add a dash of 

TEEN CRUD COMBO. It's peace core thrash that 

uses POSION IDEA structures. It's just fuckin' core 

that blazes. 

(Uncontrolled Records / P.O. Box 15020 / Dallas, TX / 75315-0206 / USA) 

Total Fury "13 Songs" LP 

It is no surprise that the label who has adopted the 

Dischord logo has now released the biggest DC 

worship record of Japanese hardcore history, TOTAL 

FURY remind me most of GOVERNMENT ISSUE 

and MINOR THREAT but, do so without entirely 

losing hints of the better aspects of modern Japanese 

"fastcore." The original Dan-Doh pressing of this 

record is limited to something like 500 records and available only in Japan 

however, look for a domestic re-issue coming very soon on Gloom records. 

(Dan-Doh Records / Honmachi 21-26 Kochi 780-0870 / Japan) 

show listings 


Wasted "Down and Out" CD 

A blend of streetpunk and Oilman rennaissance- 

core, WASTED sound like a cross between the 

OXYMORONS and ISOCRACY. They have the 

Billy Jo vocals, but the songs have all these group 

choruses that sound like pub chants a la PETER 

AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES. The music is oi 

type punk with some melody and would be like 

what GREEN DAY would sound like if they played streetpunk. The lyrics 

are rooted in progressive politics and go deeper than your average punk 

band. A booklet of lyrics comes with the release. More great hardcore 

surprises from Tampere, Finland. 

(Combat Rock Industry / P.O. Box 139 / 00131 Helsinki / Finland) 

demo features 

Our War demo - featured on November 18th program 
OUR WAR feature Jeff Beckman of CHOKEHOLD/LEFT FOR DEAD/ 
HAYMAKER fame, along side Christian from LEFT FOR DEAD/THE 
SWARM and Ryan Elinsky from MR. NOBODY/HOLOCRON/CTO. 
They play a very early sounding style of Boston 80's sXe reminiscent 
of SSD, and the LAST RITES cover helps. This is in the vein of 
HAYMAKER. (8 Coronet Court / Hamilton, ON / L9A 3J1 / e-mail: 
xourxwarx ( 

Paluka demo - featured on November 25th program 
Art-rock combined with fastcore using new wave guitar tricks resembling 
ABURADAKO, while incorporating cmnchy sXe guitar parts and having 
it clock in under a minute. Unique, while retaining a get-into-the-pit 
urgency. (Go Nkamura / 3-6-12 Hujimidai / Kunitachi-shi / Tokyo 186- 
000 / Japan / e-mail: 

Demos are featured on a weekly basis for Equalizing-X-Distort. 


Lee's Palace, $16 


SWORN ENEMY ® Reverb, $15, 8pm 


(Augusta Ave - Kensington Market), 6:00 pm - crusty anarcho-punk thm 

- i) Oi Polloi Documentary AND ii) Hannover Chaos Days footage 


Location TBA, 7:00pm, $10 or $5 for students 




If you are trying to finds out about shows in the city you can c all the 

Hardcore Hotline at (416) 535-8184 or consult the "The Show Listings 
Guide", which can be subscribed from at If there is a show that you know about 
that isn't on this list, please forward it onto us at 

rum our mill 

Full Contact for issue #6 is partially back from the bindery. 
Apparently the bindery didn't like some of the content for being anti- 
christian and is being difficult about puting together 600 copies of the 
zine. The place is called Holmes Bindery. What is it with christians ? 

* Full Contact will be available in Barnes & Nobles stores throughout 
the States. Lookout suburbs. * The publisher of the mag had a 
proposal into MuchMusic for doing a punk show, but it got turned 
down. Much said they are going to start their own show. Yeah, right! * 
The "Toronto Breakout" comp is a joint project with Mike Haliechuk 
and Deranged Records. Deranged will also be doing ajoint release 
with some folks involved in our radio show on a NUNFUCKERS 
discography * BOMBS OVER PROVIDENCE are working on a full 
length release to come out on Underground Operations, the label that 
the guys from CLOSET MONSTER do * Deranged has been taking a 
slugging on the Rev Board, what gives ? * Ditctape has their 7th 
anniversary party. Sounds like it is going to be a fun time * Jill Heath 
is distroing copies of the Fucked Up and Photocopied Tor a limited 
time and they are pretty cheap so if you want to get a copy e-mail Jill * Full Contact is doing aguitar giveaway 
contest for creative art. The most creative entry wins. Entries can 
include art, music, video, photos - creative is the big thing. Details can 
be found at * OUR WAR have just finished 
a new recording which includes a cover of C.O.C. 's "No Drunk" * 
Fans of Bad Productions is working on their next all Canadian comp, 
which is to be called "Always Sounding Off" * I now this isn't close 
to home but I figured because their record is reviewed in the new issue 
Gloom Records (out of Albany) will be releasing the TOTAL FURY 
LP domestically - so to speak * London from CLOSET MONSTER 
will turn Underground Operations into this city's next full fledged 
label releasing the new BOMBS OVER PROVIDENCE material 
among other things (including a MARILYN'S VITAMINS anthology) 

* Bennett is starting to host free punk rock movies every three weeks 
on Sundays. This will be operating out of KYTES which is the old 
Siboney Club in the market * OUR WAR has a website and the URL 
is * The Deranged website is up 
and functioning and looks great and is * 
Deranged put out a wicked sampler comp that is available through 
mailorder only for $3.00. The second one is rumoured to be in the 
works * In other Deranged related news EPILEPTIC TERROR 
ATTACK will be changing their name because of the association of 
their acronymj to the Basque seperatist group. Could this be an 
unforeseen punk casualty to the so-called "War on Terrosim" * The 
new INTENSITY and HIGHSCORE records have just been released 
on Deranged * THE CLASS CD has just been released on Wounded 
Paw Records *